Alternate From Active to Dry

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During the day, it is ideal for your toddler to wear the Active Cloth-like diaper or any of the Premium Pants.  When night time comes, switch to Dry EZ Tape or Value Pants on cold nights.

  • Japanese Super-absorbent Polymer(SAP) which absorbs liquid quickly – so absorbent that you’ll only need 1 piece for the whole night.
  • USA Made cottony-pulp to combine with SAP for supreme absorption.
    Diaper top sheet has diamond-embossed Channel which allows proper & equal distribution of liquid onto the SAP-Pulp.
  • Natural and organic High Grade Aloe Vera combined with Vitamin E to eliminate diaper rash to keep baby’s skin dry, soft & smooth to touch.
  • 100% breathable leak guards which allow proper air circulation
    Re-usable frontal tapes convenient in finding the perfect fit.
  • Extended Pads that provide 1″ advantage vs. leading brands.
  • Odor Control System especially designed to prevent the release of ammonia, thus ensuring wellness of the baby’s skin.
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